a quick break and correction to last blog

Between work on the house and work for work, such a busy bee…I’m exhausted though, about ready to say fuck it sell the house as it is! I like painting and fixing things, but only for myself not for other people, I’ve discovered I’m a bit selfish that way. The house is a tip too…only the hall got primed and some holes in the wall patched after taking the shelves I built down…Lots of holes, one or two of them were in fact oops holes that did not end up supporting shelves of any kind, here they are with their proud creator…

Wasn’t keen on getting my photo taken cause I was already feeling a bit in need of a shower, still, got my painting paints on, though I’d memorialize them since they’re not crossing the big ocean with me and will probably end up in a landfill in China. Everything I’ve painted for the past five years is represented on these pants! But the photo…all that’s missing is my tool belt and the bom chicawomwom music…oh, and a push up bra perhaps.

So last night went out to see Rafa play, haven’t seen him for ages before this weekend, met him through Manny and was a bit afraid we wouldn’t be friends anymore, but all is well…and I discovered that not all music cures all ills…Rafa’s band, well one of them, is Puttanesca ( http://www.myspace.com/puttanescatheband – check out shiny red box, it’s my fav of the one they’ve posted) and they of course were brilliant. Incredible musicians all of them and seeing them live is a pleasure like few others – weba singing, and she’s mesmerizing. “I’m looking for someone to blow the world up for” is one line I’ve remembered, wouldn’t mind one of those. She put on 3 Penny Opera by Brecht a couple of years ago in the Museum of Modern Art and that was one of the best evenings I’ve had, politics and multimedia and Rafa was playing then too, and the audience had to pick up their chairs and move with the play. Anyways, there was this guy there, kinda cute and good eye contact, though of course I’ve sworn off men entirely until February 7th when my foot touches the plane, but possibility noted…and then he got up on stage with his guitar and some blond lady and her synthesizer and momentarily I regretted my resolution until the blighter got this soulful look on his face and started to croon in harmony to a song that reminded me of peanuts…he almost redeemed himself when he put down his guitar and picked up a trumpet but the song was still slick and sappy, I think I might have heard it playing last time I went shopping for shoes…and so I downed my beer and fled the scene, the only thing to do…imagine dating someone who played music like that? Would be an ill in itself…


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