Good times on Singapore Airlines??

Through drugs I think…I don’t really know what else they can be advertising  with these stylish playing cards:

That or hookers. I can’t tell. Maybe both, it’s possible they are equally good ways to fly! Though drugs are better at making the stars do that spinning thing, and grown men’s beards turn blue. I mean, if he were dressed as a pirate it might make sense, but…well. I shall speculate on what they were thinking, but probably I shall never know. I did enjoy playing cards.


One response to “Good times on Singapore Airlines??

  1. HAHAHA! I made this campaign years ago back in Singapore and I felt I needed drugs to get through selling it to the client. It looked so good until we did it. And trust me a Pirate would make it way better. That said I got to travel with three beautiful SIA girls to the Australian desert which was super fun. I wish I still had the cards.

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