Who the hell?

I’m dyslexic but love to read, can’t add but am fascinated by the possibilities of algebra, I like bright colours and also neutral ones, and I hate injustice without any qualifications. I am sometimes wise, but have been known to do very stupid things. Still, in my wisdom I regret nothing. I battle against the evils of everyday boredom and corporate power using every human power I have (which are many), and every super power (which are few)…I enjoy striped socks, eccentrics, and action figures, and try hard not to take myself too seriously. Enough things in life are deadly serious, I’m certainly not one of them…

I have worked as a tenant organizer, a researcher, a popular educator and teacher, an editor, a writer, a jojoba bean picker, a K-Mart night stocker, a pizza creator, an underwear salesgirl, a babysitter, a library bookshelver, a construction survey cataloguer, a mapmaker and colourist, a translator, a simultaneous interpreter, a paralegal, a van driver, a Mexican orphanage’s peon, and I even once got paid for filling Scotland’s smallest whiskey bottles. Not in that order of course, but nor in the order you’d expect.

I have a more official page with a proper bio and publications and blah blah here.


6 responses to “Who the hell?

  1. cacophonystation

    I found your blog in that random arrow that sends you to random blogs. It’s usually a pretty fulfilling practice, if you work at it and are patient. I enjoy your blog quite a bit, the relish you seem to have for life. Admirable. Good luck, and I will likely subscribe, if that isn’t odd to you that a stranger does that.

  2. exactly what the above person said ^.^
    I already subscribed though 😀

  3. you’re cool

  4. An interesting site–potpuiri with coherence–always good reads. Reminds me of a mule ride I once took, no saddle, down hill, rain, perilous terrain; the mule got me home safely leaving me with a few days of uncomfortable sitting. I suspect I should have used a brain metaphor here, but the hour is late. Keep writing.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the posting about Teresa Urrea. I went to the town of clifton last weekend hoping to see her tomb. I thought it will be pretty well marked and preserved given her notoriety during her time. I didn’t have time to do all the research you did, and ended up looking at all the tombs without finding her. The one you think is hers caught my attention . I was drawn to that one and was the only one I took a picture of it….
    thanks for all the research….

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